Studio History

Studio History


Since 1979, Vancil Performing Arts Center has provided a warm, inspiring atmosphere for dancers of all ages and levels.

Dance classes are a valuable experience for all students. Experiences in class will be a source of pride and accomplishment for the dancer.

In addition to the physical skills acquired, students are exposed to artistic expression through dance, while learning and enjoying various musical elements, an integral part of dance education. Beyond individual benefits, students learn to work within a group to achieve a common goal, essential to successful group performance.

Last, but not least, our students have FUN! Many friendships and good memories are a product derived from children of similar age and interests spending time learning in a pleasant and active educational environment. Our studio is a family.  Many friendships developed within the families, are friendships forever.

Thank you for your interest in Vancil Performing Arts Center. For more information, or for class placement suggestions for your child/ren, please contact us.