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Vancil Performing Arts Center offers a variety of music classes for students of varying levels. Choose from Piano and Keyboard, Voice, Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tube, and Drums/Percussion.

For additional information on our Music classes, please email us at music@vancildance.com.

Piano Lessons
Our schools offer piano lessons for students ages 7 and older with abilities from beginners to very advanced students. We offer every style of piano lessons from classical to jazz and pop. Our piano lessons are all private one-on-one instruction and lesson lengths are 30 minutes.

Voice Lessons
We have many students who take voice or singing lessons at our schools. Our voice lessons are all private one-on-one instruction. Students sing all kinds of music from their favorite artists to classical artists. Our voice teachers all have a university degree in music specializing in voice and sing everything from pop and jazz to opera. Our teachers all have performance backgrounds as well. Just a sample of what a student will learn in singing lessons includes how to breathe properly, how to increase their range, proper pitch, how to project and stage presence. Students should be 11 years old or older.

Guitar Lessons
Our private guitar lessons include acoustic, electric and bass guitar. We have an excellent guitar teaching staff and teach guitar lessons in everything from rock to jazz, classical to pop. Many of our teachers actively perform in bands. Our guitar teachers have college or university music degrees so they know the proper theory and technique no matter if a student is interested in metal or in classical. Guitar lessons at our schools are enhanced by the opportunity of learning how to jam with other musicians in a rock band setting or how to perform solo in one of our recitals. No matter what type of guitar lessons you are interested in, we have the teachers to help you. Typically a student would be 6 before starting guitar lessons, due to their hand size, but some younger students start with a junior sized guitar.

Flute Lessons
Our private flute lessons generally start at age 9 and older, but sometimes younger students will start with a special curved-head flute.

Saxophone & Clarinet Lessons
Our private saxophone and clarinet lessons start from age 8 onwards. Earlier than age 8, a student typically does not have the lung capacity and strength to handle these instruments. Our saxophone and clarinet instructors are proficient on both instruments so a student can start with clarinet lessons if they wish and switch to saxophone lessons without having to change instructors. Our saxophone and clarinet instructors actively perform in all types of bands and ensembles and as soloists. Saxophone lessons and clarinet lessons are offered in 30 minute length,

Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone & Tuba Lessons
Our brass lessons include private trumpet lessons, french horn lessons, trombone lessons and tuba lessons. Students for these instruments usually are ages 8 or older as they need to have developed a great lung capacity and in the case of the tuba need to be big enough to hold the instrument. Our brass teachers have university or college degrees in music and perform in everything from salsa bands to local orchestras. We can help students enhance their skills for their school band program or develop advanced skills to become soloists.

Drum Lessons
We offer a wide variety of drum lessons or percussion lessons. We have both male and female students and typically do not start drum lessons before age 8 as students need to be able to reach both the pedal and the high hat. We do have some younger students but suggest they come in for a trial drum lesson to see if they are big enough to get started. Drum lessons are taught on a full set of drums in our studios. Our drums lessons stress proper technique so students become good drummers quickly.

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Music Lessons at Vancil

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